14 AC Voltage Detectors. To win you must have joined in 2013.

First 14 members who joined in 2013 win.

To win, post your name and your InterNACHI ID#. Your ID# should start with 13xxxxxx.

Prizes provided by Inspector Outlet: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/extech-40130.aspx

Scott olenick
Holbrook ny


Manny Marinos
40 Twixt Hills Rd
St James NY 11780

Nice :smiley:



Ron La Duca

Thank you!

Merry Christmas.

To win, post Your name, and Nachi ID# Your ID# must start with a 13.

Jared Nelson
4627 Addison St.
Boca Raton, FL33428

Mike Scott
1293 Troy Hickman Rd
Troy, Tn

Alan Singer

First time I was a year too early!!

Remember guys, to win **Post your InterNACHI ID# ** so I can confirm your join date to give you your prize!

So far we only have one winner who followed directions! We have 13 more of these to go!

Please and Thank you

Jeff Kloetstra

Can I win more than one? :slight_smile:

Jeff Kloetstra

If you do, I’ll buy it for 1/2 price :stuck_out_tongue:

Stephen Payson