142 F reading at register


heat pump operated in the heating mode with a reading of 142 F at the register. i’ve never seen a heat pump throw out this high of a number in the normal heating mode. carrier 1 1/2 ton unit that serviced new addition only.
is this too high, or should it be monitored, evaluated? it was in the low 60s that day.

thank you in advance,
sidney alstad

Are you sure the heat strip was not going also

Were there Auxiliary Electric Heat Strips??

If you set the t-stat for more than 4-5° above ambient then the heat strips may also kick in, in addition to the heat pump. I had one awhile back spewing that temperature. I went back and set the t-stat to call for 2-3° above the ambient and only the heat pump ran and provided about 105°.

am not sure about the heat strips, did not have it set on e heat, just normal setting, but did have the t-stat set 15 degree’s above. so you are saying that heat strips could kick in when set to a higher ambient temp?

Yes, when a high demand is detected such as turning up the thermostate more than just a couple degrees, the heating elements in the air handler will turn on.

That’s why heat pumps are not recommend for married men. The wives (who don’t pay the utility bills) jack it up at the slightest chill, thinking it gets the room nice and toasty faster.

Most thermostats for heat pumps have an indicator light when you have activated the aux heat. For the older thermostats you can remove the cover and bump the heat up just enough so that the 2nd mercury switch does not roll over.

Still, 142 is pretty hot no matter what the source. The heat pump portion only bumps the temperature 15-18 or so. I’d be concerned with what’s going on with thse heat strips. Typically you expect a register temperature in the 110-120 range.

Depends on what heater kits are installed…

60F is getting up there to be running a Heat Pump!
142F; That’s 360 psig if the electric heat wasn’t on! Not possible at 60F OA.

Let me ask this…how realiable is your temp gun?

It is possible that the fans speed has been limited to a lower setting resulting in a higher temp when heat strip are on. Could be intentional or due to a problem with the fan or fan control. Another problem could be a very restricted return air flow. Either way lower air flow will result in higher temps since the heat strips are a constant-source heat input.

Well said frank…