152 deg in the attic today at 1 pm

Yes! Everyone send Nick a message about this.
This needs to be legal . We need a legal statement about this very dangerous condition we deal with daily. Many member states will agree.
Texas , Arizona and the rest!
I can’t imagine Arizona attics.
Come on Nick! Have your battery of legal experts help us out on this…OK?

1st Pro Inspection.

I can tell you I keep it in mind all the time. I even hydrate prior to starting inspections.

It is serious stuff.

Paradise MY A S S . Give me 70 and sunny anyway :slight_smile:

Yes I do. I’m working on it by checking all attics twice:p


15 minutes is a loooong time to be in an attic that hot. Was that the underside of the roof deck or the actual attic temp.

Mission Cool Towel…Lowes $20
I store it in my little cooler…gives 10 mins of cooling.

Frogg Togg Chiily Pad is even better.

Travis do they make you feel wet or just cool and dry?

I have one of those, so I threw it in my inspection box. Next time I will keep it in the cooler. Thursday’s inspection the AC was not working. It was the hottest I’ve ever been on an inspection. I almost jumped into the van to hit the corner store walkin cooler. I took it off after about 30 minutes, thinking it wasn’t helping. I know it works good on a boat when you’re in the sun, but inside with no breeze it just seemed like it wasn’t helping. I looked like just climbed out of a pool soaking wet, poured cold water over my head, and drank a gallon during the inspection. Overcast and a nice breeze set in about half way through the inspection and saved my butt. Be careful out there.

I wrap ice cubes inside it to keep my neck area cool. After about 5-6 mins, I dump the cubes out in the soffit and cover my head. The frogg Togg last for 10 mins in extreme temps. By that time I’m coming out.

thanks :slight_smile:

Shot from the ladder at the access towards the sheathing.

I’ve had 3 kidney stone issues, not fun!!
6 years, 2 months ago & just this past Thursday.
First two put me in the emergency room, this time wasn’t as super painful & I rode it out for 4 hours.
Most likely contributed from dehydration in the super HOT attic the day before?
Be safe out there guys & drink, drink, drink.