15A & 20A recpticles on 20A breaker

Is it all right to be finding in new homes, since kitchens are now to be on 20A breakers, 15A receptacles? The breakers in the service panel are 20A & the wiring is 12 ga. wire but the plugs & GFCI’s are 15A.

"…now to be on 20A breakers,…"??
This has been a code requirement for MANY years.

In the US it is perfectly typical (and legal) to have 15A receptacles on 20A circuits. The only time a 20A receptacle is required is if a single (simplex) receptacle is the ONLY receptacle on the circuit. This is typical with A/C’s, sometimes washers, power tools, etc.

As long as you have more than one receptacle (a duplex receptacle is TWO receptacle outlets) you can use 15A rated receptacles.

For some reason, Canada does not share this code.

I will speak for Speedy Pete behalf and he is correct on the info with this one.

the Cananda code somehow is diffrent on the kitchen circuit[s] they have two or three diffrent methold on this.

I will let the Canada inspectors or electricians fill this on this part because i dont have all the details with me but i know some of it but i rather let them expain it more clear than i will do this.

Merci, Marc