[size=3]**Bring on the Playoffs!
*Victim # 1 = New York RATS
Victim # 2 = San Diego Chargers
Victim # 3 = Buffalo Bills
Victim # 4 = Cincinnati Bengals
Victim # 5 = Cleveland Browns
Victim # 6 = Dallas Cowboys
Victim # 7 = Miami Dolphins
Victim # 8 = Washington Redskins
Victim # 9 = Indianapolis Colts

Victim #10 = Buffalo Bills
Victim #11 = Philadelphia Eagles
Victim #12 = Baltimore Ravens
Victim #13 = Pittsburgh Steelers
Victim #14 = New York RATS
Victim #15 = Miami Dolphins
Victim #16 = New York Giants


Gee, Chris, I can’t figure out what the ***** is for.

Wish your team well in the playoffs . . . there will be others who will come along, not sure how friendly they will be.

Chest pounding? You’ve had enough beers… go to bed…:slight_smile: …Happy New Years!

I still cannot see any records being broken, here.

Miami went the entire season PLUS the playoffs PLUS the SuperBowl…then, went a couple of games into the next season.

Perhaps these boys will be able to come close to that, but I don’t think they will make it through the playoffs.

They have won 19 straight regular season games. Now another test begins. It is likely the Pats will play the winner of the Pitt vs. Jacksonville game. Lookout for the Jaguars, if they play them. Should be an interesting playoff season.

Been there done that 2003 - 2004 21 straight wins including the superbowl. :cool:

… and no hangover this morning! Happy New Year!

This will be definitely be an interesting playoff season. Jags are a very dangerous team, one that everyone is wary of.

Go Pack Go