16awg on 120 volt circuit

Found this 16awg cable on 120-volt circuit. Is this computer cable? Speaker wire? :?

IMG_0578 copy 2.JPG

Sure looks like speaker wire. Looks just like the same as my speaker wire from my stereo. People people:roll::roll::roll:

Did you measure 120 volts?

Ground wire from a light fixture?

For all we know from that photo, the NM is being used as low voltage wiring.

Dumb yes, hazardous, no.

Ye olde voltage ticker confirmed 120.

Very few can do that.

I have one that does.

What brand do you have?

Please show me the link on one that verifies voltage.


Its the NACHI one from a few years back.

Its the only one I have ever seen that beeps and lights if AC is present.

Paul Abernathy sold them but the old link is dead.

I do not know the brand.

Similar to this one.


The NACHI one

Found it. Its a Santronics.


Most non-contacts will alert to voltage in a range. So e are as low/as 48 VAC.

Id call it out. Major code violation if it is indeed 120 volts.

The one I have has a range from 48-120 volts. It’s Japanese and works great. The nm cable the 16awg wires were spliced to ran into an open j-box with other cables. No alarm systems , or speaker systems. The only thermostat in the house was nowhere near these wires. Tons of “uncle Harry” electrical work. This was just one of the better ones.

I can’t really tell from the pic, but that may be lamp cord. My wife uses it for lighted crafts she makes sometimes.

Maybe Harry Homeowner was installing a lite, and that’s the only wire he could find!

It’s a shielded cable ( foil jacket) typically used for speakers. Zip cord would have been cheaper lol.

Thanks Mike, I misunderstood that it told you voltage like 110 or 220.

Mine beeps and and flashes with any voltage. Made by Greene Lee.

BTW - The ticker is a Hioki 3120 with a range of 70 - 600 volts.

Klein, baby!
This one has never let me down…

I’d use a Wiggy.

Yep…thats the thingie I was selling…:wink: They still call me about every other month wanting to know if I want more labeled for me…and I said…No thanks, check back next month.

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