174 year old house joist question

At the expense of sounding stupid…I do have a few questions? you said that there are bedrooms above. What room are we looking at? Is there a chance that between what we are looking at and the bedrooms above there is a supporting structure? Looking at some of the material it looks as though there has been some type of water damage to a few and 1 looks as though it has been spliced or sawn at one point or another and leads me to believe by photos that this is a poor attempt at a cosmetic renovation.

With that said…HIT ME WITH IT!!!

I think it comes down to giving our Clients our best efforts… be it in the visual inspection process, or our educated opinions based on our findings and experiences.

For Me, I’ll explain the obvious,… list and explain the obvious visable physical defects - agree it’s still standing after 174 years, but that doesn’t mean something can’t happen - the design of a structure 174 years ago was not accounting for today’s uses/needs (stuff, load factors, etc.) - and even though I’m not an Engr. or Arch., they’re not Supermen. They can’t really tell you with a certainty, IF or WHEN anything will happen, only the probabilities based on their education, experience and planned use, which may change.

Now that may sound wishy-washy, CYA, etc. to some, but really, what else can you really do, and still give your Client something to base his/her final decision on.

Good pictures and the written report are the only records you can depend on down the road, if something happens and/or questions arise. I always plan on the future.

First picture was the Dining Room, second picture was in what they called the Kitchen. Bedrooms above both.
The potential buyer has not responded to any of my emails on what the engineer said.

Ya wanna see something pretty???

Here tis.




Very nice joinery…I hope they get the decay issues resolved before this work is greatly affected.