18 inspectors joined InterNACHI on Monday, 18 joined Tuesday, and 53 joined today.


Planet InterNACHI… resistance is futile.

What’s the membership cap set at now, 20,000?

N. American membership has been holding steady right around 10K (+/- 5%) for more than a year (that’s where we want it), but now starting to climb again. We typically lose members during the holidays through the Super Bowl so maybe it will come back down naturally in the next few months.

The 53 on Wednesday probably took advantage of the Tuesday webinar special.

Nice deal.


Very nice to see… Any from Ontario I should send a survey to?

And 29 more today. This is getting ridiculous.

Why wouldn’t they join :slight_smile:

Oh No
Here come the service magic and report questions.

Answers: (1) try and see if it works for yourself (2) HIP :slight_smile:

(3) Don’t quit your day job. :stuck_out_tongue:

Very important :slight_smile:

Most of them aren’t new inspectors, they are veterans who are association ship-jumpin’.

For the rest though, if I had to give my best advice to newbies in 4 words or less it would be: Quit your day job. The part-time inspectors who keep their day jobs are not what we want in our industry IMHO. Gotta commit to go all in to succeed at anything in life.

I agree, Nick. Same with any profession really. The part timers typically cause more harm then good.

A relationship with work is like a relationship with a woman. You gotta give it your all.