1884 Chimney

Driving home from an inspection yesterday, I drove by this building and had to stop. The building is located in Salem, Ohio and was built in 1884.

Just wanted to share the chimney mason’s craftsmanship.

Incredible workmanship!

(Don’t show this to RY… he may piss his pants)!

Wow very nice, thanks for sharing.

THAT is beautiful! :smiley:

Thanks for sharing, Bill.

Nice, thanks for posting this.

Cool Pics. Thanks

Very Cool Thanks for sharing

Too bad a fire gutted that place , but since its a brick building - it survived. Im assuming the roof and chimney flashing is all new , post- fire. I bet Mike Holmes and Bob Villa couldnt find anything wrong with that new work. True art !!

Actually looking at fotos again- maybe im wrong about the fire, thought the lower level windows and window roofs were soot covered, just age i guess. Either way, great chimneys.

Really cool.

Great thanks for the pictures much appreciated . Roy

We have some great brick work here but those chimneys are fantastic!
Ill bet that was the crowning achievement of their careers.

Very cool.

I’ve never seen chimneys like those before.

Thanks for sharing.

Cool!! Check this one out it is from an old thread. Built in 1514.

And this one (found online search a while ago)…

Now that may give RY a coronary.

If that is built the way it appears, I’d guess they’d have a time of it getting the draft going…:shock: LOL, I can just picture it.

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