19 Inches of rain in 24 hours

Stagecoach got 19 inches of rain in the last 24 hours. Makes for an interesting ride home. Only took five hours and about 60 miles to get home from a point that was only about 10 miles from my house. https://www.facebook.com/HoustonThermalInspections/videos/1337770289583799/

The final detour was less than 2 miles out coming from the opposite direction.


Wow!!! Glad you got home safely Chuck!

I think Southern California would be lucky if we were to get 19 inches in 24 months!

Nah, it would just end up in the ocean. Our system isn’t setup here to save water quickly. That’s part of our problem!

Glad you’re on high ground Chuck.

That is the time to sing a Johnny Cash song https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jI7M2ELPtro

Yep. That one fits. Never heard it before - Thanks

They had a lot of kids that had to spend the night in the schools, because there was no way for them to get home.

Send some our way. But just a little bit.

We’re way behind too, finally got some yesterday. Hopefully we get caught up a little at a time.

Not a good year for the Houston area with so much rain in such short periods of time.

Stay safe.