190 MPH Hurricane

One of the most powerful hurricane/typhoon ever, is about to hit the Philippines. Can you imagine if that was heading toward Florida…


Yep I can imagine …Work for years for all, and a renewed economy.

Ya have to see the bright side.

I do hope no one dies though as no amount of money is worth someone’s life.

Yep and it is this attitude that has cost many lives .

Regularly many councils want to pass a local bylaw and the builders lobby and say how great the cost will be to put them in all new homes
about US $ 1.50~ per sq. ft. so a 2,000 sq. ft. home it would add about $3,000;00 .
Never been a life lost in a home with fire sprinklers .
The poor builder loves home fires as they get to build the home again .
A fire in todays home built with a lot of extremely flammable products goes up flames in about 5 minutes and is usually destroyed…
A fire in a home usually suffer very little damage and about $10,000;00~ to repair it .

(" Ya have to see the bright side. ") Bunk this is the selfish side .
Do you know the fire man will not enter a home to fight the fire any more as then new OIL filled Joyce’s collapse and the fire man ends up in the basement and no way to get out .


ya loosing it man :wink:

It is FACT that disaster spurs local economy. Sad but true.

Tell that all the soldiers who went to war .

Tell that to the families of these fireman .

Arizona lowers flags for 19 dead firefighters

At who’s expense?

Think it through and while you’re at it look up the broken window fallacy.

Natural disasters although hurt some they do spur local economies.

Roy it must be nappy time as there are no bigger supporters of our Countries Heroes than I and never want to see anyone die.

Sometimes the truth is hard to hear but the facts are the facts :frowning:

Mike answer the question.

At who’s expense?

Thanks Mike a good one http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gG3AKoL0vEs

Man the firefighters where you live have it easy… The firefighters you reference were lost in a wild fire so I’m not sure of the connection. I know what your getting at though. I personally spent 5 years in the fire service and just finished 8 in the Marine Corps. Disasters come at great cost but everyone else is right that they spur economic activity.

Just to clarify in firefighters having it easy I was referring to making entry on newer homes.

They add exactly zero to overall economic activity.

You really need to watch the link Roy posted.

At the individuals hurt by the disaster. But even within them many will make the best of it and make a solid dollar.

I live on an island and if a hurricane of that mag hit here surely I would lose everything I own. BUT…I would get rich helping others rebuild bigger and better.

Those folks in the third world countries are totally different as it can damn near cause them economic collapse and I feel for them. Just look at Haiti. I have been helping the Haitian communities and people since I have been in business and have given hundreds of jobs and thousands of dollars worth of thing to their communities thru my workers / FRIENDS.

Bunk no fire fighter has it easy .most die a lot lower then the average person does .

Not overall economic activity, more at a local level. Really just transplanting from another place (insurance, FEMA, additional tax dollars). Then again if a disaster wipes out an area construction jobs will increase but those people that worked in the destroyed areas won’t be working anymore… Dammit now I want to change my answer.

And who do you think pays and pays and pays John Q public .
That’s me and many others too.

Look at the Haitian they are far from being back to where they were before to storm hit .
And you think this is a good thing well sorry I sure do not agree.

If they write off making entry into a new home then they have it much easier than the departments I worked with.

I said it hurts those folks the most “haitians” Nappy time or get out the ole glasses :slight_smile:

Did the light bulb come on? :slight_smile:

Indeed. I was hoping to leave it off until the middle of next week. Damn message board making me crank the old gray matter.