1900 Brick Foundation

This brick foundation is ready to give way! This type of foundation is very common in the city, although this is the worst I have seen. There is considerable displacement or bulging that does not show very well in the photos.

charles 163.jpg

charles 165.jpg

charles 166.jpg

charles 070.jpg

charles 088.jpg

charles 163.jpg

charles 070.jpg

When I got to that last picture I would suggest we discuss the situation…outside where it’s safe!!!

Did you give this to Marcel for the defect award page? You should. I found it interesting the way the tie in bricks are almost all disintegrated, which it leaving the foundation to split into layers. Was it two or three courses of brick? Why does the bottom look better than the upper portion?

I will send some images to Marcel. Three layers of brick, damage varies top to bottom. Other images not posted clearly show severe deterioration at the bottom courses. The wood battens are actually restraining the wall. It is ready to collapse. Look for other images of same building in Structure section soon, which is where I thought this post was going, long day!

This foundation seriously needs some outside remedial work to remove the forces which are causing it to bow inward. All that can be done inside is to apply band-aids, which may or may not stop the deterioration temporarily. Then, after that, it needs some rebuilding and tuckpointing, all of which should be done with carefully-selected materials to avoid chemical attacks on what remains of the mortar. A restoration specialist is probably the person to recommend.

My last associate’s untimely end.

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