1913 7223 Sq Ft

Just booked this house for 17 Dec. Curious what you guys would charge for this beauty. I love my job.

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Wow, that is quite the joint!

Given the size, age, detail and historical nature of the property I’d be about 1k.

$1450 for a basic inspection, no ancillary services. What price did you quote?

$1,222 and no ancillary services like Linas stated. :slight_smile:

Travel limited to 1 mile. :wink:

Close to $800 but that’s disclaiming the roof. I told him without a hatch I’m not climbing up there. He was fine with that because there is damage on it and the insurance company is to replace it. If I had to get to the roof or bring specialist in my quote would of been over 1K. We are also doing a lateral sewer inspection on this home.

Nice house,

I’d come in at $1,500.00 for the HI and WDI.
Add $75.00 for the indoor hot tub.
Add $150.00 for the detached garage.
Add $100.00 if there are any crawls.

You should raise your rates.
Quit whoring our profession for the sake of making a few bucks like your friend Little Nate does.
It’s obvious!!!

…Especially considering this is a commercial property (currently being used as a B&B) and you have much more than a typical residential inspection to report on. Since you lowballed the price so badly, I suspect you have no clue how to properly inspect this property, and you should pass it along to a qualified inspector, such as Chris C, although I doubt he would take it off your hands for what you are charging (less than $800 including sewer scope).

There you go assuming again. You need to read my previous post and why I’m not charging over 1K. Plus the $800 does not include a lateral sewer. That’s additional. Plus the home is not going to be used as a bed and breakfast rather a single residence. Plus $800 was based off 6K sq ft. I’m discussing a price increase right now due to the extra footage which was found out once I got home after researching online tonight thus the question what you guys would charge for 7K sq ft.

You figured all that out off one house huh Linus? You have no idea what I charge for my services other than what I posted on this house just like I have no idea what you charge people.

You’re as transparent as your POTUS.
You’re leeching on the newbies that you were just a few months ago.
You should be ashamed of yourself.
Sad but true.

Ok Linus. If you say so must be true. Have a great night :wink:

I assume nothing, and you have no clue. (Both) Your post(s) and the listing says it all. Also, there is no way in hell someone will pay that money for that structure, with neighboring commercial properties on either side of it, and turn it back into a single residence. If that is what your client is telling you, they’re lying to get a cheaper inspection done, and obviously it worked!

Why are you doing home inspections when you have a crystal ball and can clearly see past this message board? I didn’t clue you in and to be honest all I wanted to know is what you guys would charge for this house. Like I said I am to inspect everything but the roof. With the roof I would of charged “OVER” 1K. I chose to take a few hundred off since I have no responsibility for the roof and just like you I read it’s commercial and what you can’t see with the crystal ball is the email I sent to my client clarifying if this property is indeed going to be kept as a commercial property. If he puts “NO” in writing that’s all I’m concerned with. Seriously Jeff you are the most negative person I’ve ever met. Yes I agree I should of asked a bit more but I don’t feel I’m that far off from others and NO I’m not like others and would charge full price for something I didn’t inspect aka the roof. All I have to say about this now. Thanks to those who helped.

You should have stuck with your personal success story as a Gulf War vet who became a successful independent home inspector.
You will go down as a desperate home inspector preying on new vulnerable home inspectors convincing them that selling their client’s personal contact information is the only way to succeed in this field.
I thought you were better than this.
Sad but true.

Linus so your real beef is the fact I believe in what Nate has to offer my clients. Is that the case? Because if not you lost me. I have devoted a great deal of time to my profession as you know and due to all that hard work I am running a successful business to a point where I’m happy/comfortable with it. Not sure if you caught my post in the past but I don’t sell my clients info. Actually they give me permission to send their info to Nate. So with that said if you still feel I sell it please explain to me how that would be possible.

Billy …

Saw the post and saw a lot of guys in other areas keying in on what they’d get in their area (I did not see any in our general area), and most looked out in left field for our general area, so thought I’d drop my 2cents in for out here in Kansas City.

Before I responded to this post I checked with 4-5 other inspectors in KC that are considered in top 1/3 price wise. They were mostly in line with my prices, so …

7, 223sf = $725 base fee
Age Factor (100) + 75
Sub-Total = $800 Total w/out Roof ***

Fee does NOT include a 3-story roof / We’d bring Commercial Roofer + $150

2 Inspectors / Half Day

Extras Might Include …
$45 Extra Apiece if Over 2 A/C & Furnaces
$50 Extra Apiece if Over 1 Full Kitchen
$75 Termite Inspection
$150 Radon Test
$50 Detached Garage (no utilities)
$75 Detached Garage w/utilities

Hope This Helps You.

Dan is correct. You have to ask the guys in your area. What flies here won’t necessarily go there.

Billy, you need to calm down, and just do home inspections. Stop selling stuff to your clients, such as appliance recalls, warranties, and free candy.

$450 up to 4,000 Sq. Ft. plus $0.20 per sq. ft. after that. Add $300 for TI. Add $400 for sewer scope. Radon, mold extra. Basic fee is $1050 for me, which would include termite. However, there are companies here that do inspetions for $399 on any size home. So, again, the client needs to decide what is important to them: a soft basic minimum report, or one with details.

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