1920 Home Panels

Interesting industrial sized main disconnect with multiple panels from yesterday’s inspection. :slight_smile:


main panel located below disconnect.JPG

sub panel #1 wiring.JPG

fused sub panel located 2nd loor.JPG

disconnect & panel garage.JPG

What type of Residence.?

Single family two level 1500 Sq Ft with detached garage. Multiple issues.

phila 002.jpg

phila 009.jpg

phila 054.jpg

phila 054.jpg

phila 054.jpg

Is it just me (or the picture) or does the top roof line in picture #2 slope from left to right?

Yea, that dormer looks a little cockeyed :).

The rear of the home has substantial water and termite framing damage. Many issues with this home. I posted here because I have never encountered a main disconnect like this one during a residential inspection.

Not too uncommon in older homes, especially in areas where the PoCo owned and installed the main panels or where 3 phase residential service was installed.