1922 Florida wind mitigation

I will start with what I am working with then follow up with the question. Wood frame home built in 1922. Brick pillars supporting the home off of the ground. Rafters and decking built with dimensional lumber, rafters toenailed in. All doors and windows are original. The asphalt shingles were replaced in 2002.
Now the question: The home buyer is wanting a wind mitigation. Does he stand a chance of getting an insurance discount? If he doesn’t then I would like to tell him so he doesn’t waste his money.

Thank you

Where is the house? If hvhz, possible fbc and attachment c

Or if hip roof

Or if he has opening protection.

Or if the roof was permitted after 3/1/2002

Possible. The ONLY WAY an insurance company can give the best quote is by having an accurate wind mitigation. If you are asked do it. That is your job. Many companies demand it. Do not worry yourself with all that crap. Just do what folks ask of you if you can get a price that is good for you.

If I worried about what was good or bad for clients I would NEVER do a 4 point. YOUR RESPONSIBILITY is to be accurate. Then EXPLAIN why you wrote what you did.

Job done, sleep well :slight_smile:

House is located in Lakeland, Fl. Polk county, central florida. FBC 100mph wind speed zone. Gable roof. No opening protections. Roof was permitted after March 2002 but no secondary water protection applied.

Roof to wall connections? roof deck attach. app date on roof covering? all possibilities

fbc roof discount and attch, c possibly, Shape of roof?

The inspection would more than likely pay for itself with 1 credit, and then some.