1928 home in Phoenix

I got a call from a friend to inspect a 4700 sf home originally built in 1928, then added on in '72 and '90. The realtor is a nervous wreck. I am fairly new and might decline the offer. Espescially since the realtor has called me twice to quiz me on my knowledge. If I were to accept the offer, any tips on an older home? The original structure was a two bedroom one bath and is now six bedrooms. I would love to hand it off to one of my Phoenix Nachi members , but I’m not sure if that is legal.

Why not? Just a referral right?

Hi Dylan,

I have done a few of the older homes in Phoenix and I know Brian has too. You should be fine. The first thing you should do is find out if the additions had a permit. Pay close attention to the electrical and plumbing, take a lot of pictures, and post questions here if you need help when writing the report.

If you feel uncomfortable doing the inspection, see if someone will tag along with you. Who did you do your ride-alongs with? maybe ask them?

All is well. It was actually fun. I suppose I was a little nervous since it was my most expensive inspection yet. 1.4!! I got paid and strangely feel much better.

Walk slow, look hard, make lots of notes, say little and you will do a great job.
I like soft shoes or socks for the main part of the home the feet can give much info.

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Some ware in my first 25 inspections was a 1890 adobe, I was nervous, but it worked out well as the new owners called me to inspect the permitted remodel work (over a year later) at an exorbitant fee.:slight_smile:

You will be fine.:smiley:

Well done.:smiley:
Got any pictures Dylan?