1940 Adobe House Yea Right

I go to inspect a house this afternoon and it is supposed to be a 1940 Block 1600 sq/ft house in Mesa AZ. Then it is an 1800 sq/ft Block house, hmmmmm. I get there and start looking at the outside and do not think that the plaster coating is in that great shape, I speak with the current owner and he tells me it is an Adobe house.

Hmmm an Adobe house build in 1940, I am sure parts of the house are much older.

Pic 1. House, the area in the background is predominately Adobe.
Pic 2. Adobe chimney YIKES.
pic 3. Notice the adobe wall the roof is resting on
pic 4. . It’s hot.
Pic 5. K & T wiring, hotter than a $3.00 pistol:)

Check out how thick the walls are.

Very nice!

Thanx Mark.:wink:

Wierd though Dale. I bet the original part of the house is much older than 1940.

Looks like it’s in pretty decent shape though.

Or is it one of those “Nice from far but far from nice”

It was OK… Needed the casement windows worked on, remove all the K&T probably vidieo the drains, move the water heater in from outdoors, and the fireplace was an accident waiting to happen. Someone knocked a hole into the chimney from the kitchen for an exhaust fan at one time, now there is a picture hanging over it.

That was a good catch!..I think you qualify for a CMI badge…:stuck_out_tongue:


I am not fallen 4 it guys.:cool:

Invasive inspection!
Moved the picture to find a hole!
Deal Killer!!
You were probably looking for KiltLifters, I know.

Walls remind me of Poe’s “Cask of Amontillado”, they’re so big.

PS- I like your smiley image there, Mike!!!

I’ll let you in on a secret Russ, the Home Owner found me soooo charming he just started pointing out the defects. I was done when he took the picture down. No really.:roll: :slight_smile:




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very nice

Brian, was there a lined flue in that chimney? Lined with other than adobe, I mean.

Cool, you buying Brian? can’t wait to visit an AZ Chapter :mrgreen:

Real beer, here in the US, whatever next :wink:



No Kenton:(

And Gerry I used to enjoy dry cider or the occasional scrumpy.:slight_smile:
Ta Mate