199.00 home inspections coming to an area near you.

Not to disparage the competition or anything but Cmon, it’s tough enough out there.


Joe Burkeson said this would happen, years ago…

Yeah Licensing.
GO team… Idiots who wanted it now have it. Congrats on your foolish idea to license folks.

Its in your pockets now huh :frowning: I warned you ALL not to fall for it.

We have yahoos out here in California that will beat his prices

And spend money to advertise it. Hah!

Hope you are well Chuck

I didn’t see the fees, but, most businesses fail in five years and he is on year four. This would appear to be a last ditch effort. He just beat the penalty fee for filing the annual report. Guess the appraisal business doesn’t pay much these days.

There will always be three or four bottom scrapers…and to be honest, I don’t want “their” type of clients.

I am with you there Eric !

That smells like Pillar to Post .

I’m not even sure who they are Tom, I saw their pay per click ad on Google and Facebook months ago and was gonna put it on here but stopped as I could really care less. He can have his $199 inspections. There’s a difference between running a business and just getting by.

Looks like he is offering it for free to me.

$199.00, but how do you Tampa Bay guys make a living with $179.00 inspections (2000 sq ft w/Garage and Pool included) http://www.tampahomeinspection.com/couponsave.htm

Since those who were never considered Pros by the insurance companies , “Home Inspectors” Architects, Engineers and Contractors who earned the ability to do the inspections at reasonable prices, their prices have plummeted to that of hourly workers.

In the past those with the above mentioned licenses would rarely leave the office for less than $100. I blame no one as I myself do all I can to put bread on the table but not=w that any Tom, Dick or Harry can do the same thing that long time professional licensed folks could only do it has left the market wide open to those who drop their prices to the minimum just to get by. I myself will likely do so just to continue to get work. In the insurance inspection game ALL THAT MATTER is price. Any who say different are either Fools or Liars :frowning:

The State has F-cked all those with licenses and those with experience by making all equal by having a piece of paper that makes all equal and all worth the same $$$$ just because they have clicked their heels 3 times and repeated I am a Home Inspector,I am a Home Inspector, I am a Home Inspector. Nothing we can do now but play by the rules those who wanted this crap got voted in. Do not forget your friendly kick backs to anyone who refers you. The same exact folks that said pictures are a must and safe and are no big deal. F-ing idiots.