$199 AC Circuit Load Tester. First to post w/last name beginning with S or T wins.

AC Circuit Load Tester provided by Inspector Outlet: http://www.inspectoroutlet.com/extech-ct70.aspx

Your last name has to begin with S or T.

First one to post wins.

mark timpani tucson az

Shawn Staggs
Sarasota, FL
Nachi 14042001

Ray Thoroman

Alan Singer

Warren Sears
Spur Home Inspection
Helena Mt.

If you open me up,
I disappear.
Replacing my parts
is a pain in the rear.


Mark Timpani wins!

Merry Christmas Mark.

Brad Toye
Clearwater FL

Me please.

Wow my internet connection must be slow.

Congrats Mark :smiley: