$199 Inspections!?

I remember the first interNACHI meeting I ever went to in Florida, I specifically remember the speaker talking about “Inspector’s stop lowering your prices to compete with each other your only hurting the industry” something like that…anyways, Indiana Home Inspectors have one of the lowest incomes compared to other states, I can’t remember how much lower but it was pretty significant when I re-searched it. When I look around I see people advertising home inspections for $199!! This blows my mind…do a lot of people do this??? I am no where near that figure and have been swamped since I opened up. Just wanted to see what other inspectors opinion is on this and if this is happening in your area(s)?

I get low balled a lot in east texas but keep my prices the same. Business is ok but I’m only a couple weeks in. If your service is better you shouldn’t have any issues with getting business.

That’s how I always looked at it as well, be better not cheaper… I just never understood it I guess, with all the time, money and energy you have invested in your company $199 just doesn’t seam worth it to me…unless you literally go in and spend an hour doing a quick look around or something.

“If you think my Home Inspections are expensive, wait to see what it’s gonna cost you to hire a cheap home inspector. If you want cheap, I’m not the best guy for your needs. Here’s a phone number of the cheapest guy in town…” That works for me almost every single time. :cool:


I like that! Well said

Haha I just looked at your website that is awesome!

Got a guy close to me who does $175 home inspections, plus, he throws in a feasibility report. Will drive 100 miles away and does not charge mileage. I invited him to lunch because I need to meet someone who does that.

After lunch I plan on backing over him in the parking lot, Ooops, I thought it was in drive.:twisted:

Sounds like you’ll be the one buying the lunch. No way he could afford it, unless it’s two for one at McD’s :mrgreen:

Thanks, Blake. I did have a pic of the Challenger explosion, and described that the cheapest O Rings separated the rocket fuel from the astronauts. (it’s true)

Some members here thought that was in poor taste, and some may find it offensive, so I removed it…

I learned this quote from James Bushart.

“Without a doubt, you charge what you are worth”.

Years ago, we had this problem in Denver worse than anywhere. Here is how to solve it and get everyone to start raising their prices… www.nachi.org/form For a while, we even went as far as standing up at our meetings and disclosing how many inspections we did and at what fees. A local chapter has many advantages.

Reminder: Don’t attempt to set exact fees for your chapter members. That’s a violation of anti-trust laws.

Have the cheapest guys number in town on hand. Let them know that if price is the primary qualification for choosing an inspector that you have the number of the best deal in town.

They will either think twice about how they are making a decision on choosing an inspector or they will call the cheap guy and get what they want.

I do not advertise fees, I’m too good over the phone. :slight_smile:
Great ambulance pic Michael he he :cool:
From my website main page:

The lowest fee quoted for inspection services, or for the matter, any service should raise a red flag. Do not expect to receive quality, experienced and thoughtful work for a cut rate price. As the proven words reflect, YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR!


I interviewed a competitors hired inspector the other day. He brought a samlple report. It was the paper carbon copy kind. Not even in a binder, just loose copies of the pages. Thats what you get for $200.00 for this company. This copy been in business for at least 15 years. Inspector sad business is slow. Duh!