1994 OC Calif home with 60 amp panel?

This 1994 home has A/C and plenty of appliances (2 refers). How can it have 60 amps?

I don’t think that’s a 60 amp panel…that breaker is labeled AC. Did you see a disconnect further upstream?

Show us the inside.

I agree,the 60 amp is labeled A/C so it’s likely that it’s not the main. More photo’s, like a few of the meter section would help.

You’re a licensed contractor and ICC building inspector??? http://www.theorangecountyhomeinspector.com/
You better hold off on your home inspection career and get some electrical training.

I think Linus us right on this one.

It’s at least a 100 amp service, you just didn’t find the disconnect.

The disconnect on that panel is located behind another cover that isn’t clear in your photo. It’s directly above the meter to the left of the branch circuit breakers.

I’d like to hear the rest of the story. Is this a test?

I agree .
Sure sounds strange to me 5 years a NACHI member ???

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Would guess that is a 100A load center based upon number of breaker slots. The 60A breaker is labeled as A/C, which you state it has. Is there not another (main) disconnect somewhere.

See post #6.

This wasn’t a guess - I know exactly where the disconnect is located…

You should also know that a 100 amp minimum service size has been required prior to the date of construction on that house.

You may not quote codes, but it does help to know what they require.

I see the meter to the left of the panel. Did you open that bottom cover? , bet you the main is going to be in there.

ICC Inspector? Hmmm…