1MILL E&O for $1653 Yr

Posted this in the members section just thought I would pass this around one more time for those lurkers who don’t have access. It’s a great program!

I’ve done the research. The company is legal in MO and has been around since 1975 and the 4th largest doctor insurance provider in the USA.

I’m now covered with 1MILL in insurance on every inspection. Best of all I also have endorsements for Termites, Radon, Stucco, Pools/Spas, Prior Acts back to 1999 and craziest of all realtor’s that refer me are covered as well. All this for $1653 a year. And no it’s not a first year offer.

Who in here thinks Dom rocks when it comes to customer service? Well guess what? I found his sister. Not only does she rock by returning emails within the hour normally or calls she also rocks in the looks department . She is a cutie. Give her a shout if your interested.

Email her directly at: sarah@grei.biz

If you tell her I sent you use referral code: IL-01

Elgibility – If your seasoned simply show proof of membership with ASHI, NACHI or any other professionaly recognized organization. If you new to the game show proof of membership with a professional organization and proof that you was trained under a GREIA inspector, Certified Master Inspector or by a professional school.

**PSS… **They also offer a payment plan. 35% down then 9 monthly payments.


What type of kickback are you getting for this referral?

You get $50 for everyone that signs up. I’ve already paid off some of my premium :slight_smile: It really is a great deal. If someone knows of a better deal by all means let everyone know.

Yea, I loved wasting my time on your referral call.

I’ll send you the $50 invoice for my time…

I have a better deal but you don’t qualify.

I was thinking the same thing.


Good for you. No one told you to call. Just trying to help. Instead of being the way your being why don’t you share who your with and what you have? That’s all I ever do David you know that.

Billy does that premium include any general liability or is it only E&O? I pay $2700.00 for $500,000.00. I think I might give her a call when it is time to renew.

http://www.nachi.org/forum/f11/e-and-o-insurance-51504/#post662961 :roll: :twisted:

GL is extra. This plan only pays for E&O.

Chris how do you think I found out? John earned $50 from me! :slight_smile: Regardless who’s referral code you guys use shop around you won’t find a better price for the amount of coverage you get. If you do post it here. That’s what this board is about. One brother or sister helping another. Best of all you’ll be covered for prior acts if you carried insurance previously.

Thanks Billy, just got signed up yesterday. Best price that i have found. GL is between 400- 800 range. And you were definitly right about customer service Sarah was great to deal with. She must be Dom’s sister lol…Thanks again Billy… members helping members

Yep GL depends on the state your in. Check back in a few months. Sarah states they should have their own cheaper in house policy shortly from what I understand. If you need anything just let me know. What reporting software are you using? If you using HIP give me a shout and I’ll hook you up so you don’t have to recreate the wagon wheel. Also send me your email. I have a few other things for you.

My provider asked me not to.

Did yours ask you to SPAM us?

I got 9 phone calls on this day trying to sell me something.

Many HI’s are sitting around trying to keep alive. I have work to do and when I was told the call originated from this web site… :twisted:

Billy , You know what hot is!
When I can’t get a breath w/o O2 I get rather short on the phone (and here).

Sorry to all.

But then everyone else gets to rant once in a while… (or too often)

I wondered why you was so short with your message. You and I go back a ways now and I’ve always thought of you as one of the elite here at NACHI and always will. That’s why I was rather suprised to see your message. As for SPAM you may see it that way however I don’t. I see it as a way to help others and help pay off my premiums. You know I’m cheap lol and If I can help someone and make a buck I’ll do it. Why just throw money away? Just look at Mitch. He’s gets 500K for $2700. Now once his policy is up he’ll have $1MILL for $1100 cheaper. Many here are like that and it shows. As for heat. I’m sorry you need an oxygen tank to breath. I wish you well soon someday. I’m no stranger to heat as well. 135 not long ago and try sitting in a plastic porta john while its that hot. I needed oxygen as well. lol :slight_smile: Take care David and keep doing what you do best. Educating people!

PSS. To answer your question… No. Go back to Johns post. He’s been with them for over 8 yrs now. If GREIA was going to SPAM us they would of done it before now. John’s post is the first I heard about this org.

Again, I apologize for the “heated” reply!

I have been getting more calls for spam on my cell phone then clients calling in this stretch of extreme temperature/humidity.

You take care and drink plenty of water!

I used to work on Lithotripters (kidney stone blasting machines) and I even had the opportunity to have one used on me!

Kidney stones aren’t much fun!

Lithotripsy is the use of high-energy shock waves to fragment and disintegrate kidney stones. The shock wave, created by using a high-voltage spark or an electromagnetic impulse, is focused on the stone. This shock wave shatters the stone and this allows the fragments to pass through the urinary system. Since the shock wave is generated outside the body, the procedure is termed extracorporeal shock wave lithotripsy, or ESWL.

Do not for get the Liability also my quote out here was 859.00

Billy -

What deductible.