1st Coast Chapter of InterNACHI forming in Jacksonville

Good evening all,

Since there does not appear to be an active chapter in the Greater Jacksonville area and there are approximately 100 InterNACHI certified inspectors in Jacksonville, it is my intention to form a viable InterNACHI chapter serving the Greater Jacksonville area. The chapter will be called the 1st Coast Chapter of InterNACHI (with InterNACHI’s approval) of course. The goal or mission of the chapter will be to promote the professional home inspector profession and InterNACHI in the greater Jacksonville area (Northeast Florida). All professional inspectors in the Greater Jacksonville area are welcome and encouraged to participate. I hope to be working with Nick and the staff at InterNACHI to set up a chapter website and really drive the Jacksonville market. Any professional inspectors in the Jacksonville area that would be interested or willing to help get this Chapter up and running, please contact me. I could also use some help and/or guidance from other Florida Chapter leaders who have successful chapters.

Steve it will not work. Your smart, driven, intelligent and have goals and direction. Your gonna confuse a ton of people. :slight_smile:

Good luck, great guy leading the charge up there.

Steve I and Michelle will help anyway we can.

I am in St Augustine and would like to be involved.

I can promote any meetings you have. You are President of the ASHI Chapter though. That isn’t a problem with them?

Who’s ASHI?..

Ohh, you mean that little org! got it :stuck_out_tongue:

Sorry, could not resist

We call them the mini association… soon to be the defunct association.

I’ll set the table for you:

I was actually one of those “dual association members” for over 10 years. I did not renew my ASHI membership for 2013 and I resigned as President of the Florida ASHI chapter. As a long time member of ASHI, I felt that I was not longer getting any support or value from my membership.

Former Florida ASHI President writes:

You’re not alone. When is the first meeting?

Hi, Steve.
InterNACHI has a lot of Florida-approved courses (both online and classroom) and educational & marketing materials that your new Chapter could freely provide to your Chapter members. Please feel free to contact me anytime. Glad to help.

Right now, the Chapter consists of me. I do expect a group of veteran inspectors to become InterNACHI members and 1st Coast Chapter members in the very near future.

Enjoy the days of this many members…very little arguing. :slight_smile:

Aint that the truth.

Good morning Internachi IT department. When setting up the chapter website, is there a way to set up a chapter message board just like this message board for chapter members to discuss issues such as legislation that may impact our businesses?

Google circles…yahoo… same thing

Steve if I can help please let me know.

For those reading this, they cannot have a better guy to head this chapter. If you want to learn from one of the best in the industry, he is the guy. He does so much more for the profession than most know. Steve is one of those guys behind the scenes that gives tirelessly and works his butt of for YOUR future.

Good luck, can I become a member of the chapter?

I think its great .
I’m in High Springs which is 20 miles north of Gainesville and Jax would be a lot closer than Tampa.