1st Floor Condo...

1st floor unit in a 16 floor complex. I know 3 floors is our limit. On the 1802, how many stories do you report ? 1 or 16 ?

I write 1 of 16 or something like that. Don’t know how others do it I just call em like I see em.

Hey Greg, with all these suggestions, what did you decide to use?

I see I wasn’t the only one not sure of a correct answer.
Got to go with Meeker, most appropriate…

Woohoooo I love it when that happens.

I hope it does not make you feel to dirty :slight_smile:

You may get chastised for siding with the evil conspector of the group :smiley:

At least I care enough to give an answer.

I hope to think I’m drama free :slight_smile:
This board is entertaining and educational enough without me posting anything negative…

We use the floor of the inspected unit. Keep in mind tnat living space over 7 feet from grade (I think 7) is considered second story. So if the first ‘floor’ is over 7 ’ above grade or a parking garage, etc… Mark accordingly.

Ofcourse, this could all change tomorrow on a whim from underwriters.

Thanks Jay…excellent

I usually put the number of floors from the building.