1st letter not in caps

I use the google speech to text on the android companion and in the past it automatically capitalized the first word and the first word after a “.” (period). A short time ago that all changed And I don’t know what happened to cause that.

Has anyone else experience this and have you found a solution?

Android note 2
Swiftkey keyboard
Google speech to text

Thanks for any help

Me too! I use a Note 4

I have not been able to get it to use caps in about a year. There was an upgrade and it went away.

The caps work in other applications, email and texting. Kinda frustrating. looks unprofessional if I miss it being capped.

Can someone at HG look into this?


Try using the Dragon Naturally Speaking keyboard. Works better in my opinion than the Google speech recognition.

I just upgraded to Note 5. Same issue. Capitalization automatic on other apps, not on the HG companion.

Hi All,
Anyone find a solution yet? I have had this problem since last August when I switched tablets from Samsung to ASUS–now I switched back to a Samsung and it’s doing the same thing, so I have to be pretty sure it’s a HG thing. I’ve also noticed that Google Voice doesn’t work very well in this app in general, for example it randomly capitalizes words, even words that are NEVER capitalized in English…oh well, thanks in advance. I’m about to pull out what’s left of my hair…:shock::wink:
Dorsey Williamson

Same issue on HIP with note 4.