1st MIC inspection

OK, so next week I have my first Moveincertified inspection.

For those of you that have done them, do you use the same contract that you use for a “normal” inspection, is it modified? if so how?

Does the contract have the verbage about repairing or disclaiming the needed repairs or do you use a separate Addendum?

How “thorough” are your inspections or can/should they be at different levels and priced accordingly?

If I understand correctly from the posts, I need to have my print shop download the MIC sign and print some up for me.

Once the inspection is complete I upload it at fetchreport.com for the seller and the public to view. Thats it.

Is that it? What am I missing?

Thank you,

To explain all this properly, it would take hours. My advice is to create a search on this message board for MIC.
So far I have had good luck with MIC program.

With 43 views, does anybody have any input.

I have read many of the postings, but is somewhat difficult to put everything together when questions are asked and then not wholey or directly answered.

Any input is appreciated.

MIC is, IMO, for homes that have no major concerns.

If a (your) home inspection report indicates those types of conditions (structural, mechanical, etc.) it would not qualify as Move In Certified.
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After repairs, it may.


Having done quite a few of these, just do your regular, high quality inspection (after all, you are an iNACHI member) and give the client a chance to fix the major and safety issues, then reinspect and amend the report.