2 200 AMP meters sub panel or no?

Hello, I’ve been reading through some posts about this topic but haven’t completely got it straight.

I have been in a few houses with 2 200 amp service panels. However, I’m not sure they have true 400 amp service as I know a lot of residential services just have a 320 amp rated socket and is called a 400 amp meter.

Do these meters typically feed both panels? Or would one panel be a sub panel and need to be treated as such, i.e. no bonded neutral.

Thanks in advance!

You would need more information to determine what you have. If it’s truly a 320/400 amp service then it’s most likely that the meter is feeding both 200 amp panels. If a feeder for one panel comes from the other panel then one would be a sub-panel.

Here’s a good thread on the 320/400 amp service rating.


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Here in Virginia, Two, 200 amp panels are served by one 200 amp meter. Both are “main” panels, not “sub” panels

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I think that the only problem is a difference in the way the US National Electric Code, which covers the wiring of structures, and the US National Electrical Safety Code, which governs the wiring of electric utilities, define service sizes. The NEC’s 400 is the NESC’s 320.

Tom Horne

Well if they are side by side one wouldn’t really be a sub but if one pannel feeds the other yes it is a sub and the grounds and nutrals have to seperated and just cuz it’s rated for 400amp heat and air never on at the same and what not but look at the meter and yes one should be just fine they can up grade your meter it will have your amps and call them the power company and ask but as a licensed electrician oneeter feed two panels and if a panel feeds on it is a sub and those res apply

Also the power company uses a smaller more twist aluminum wire to feed your house it has always baffeled me but don’t go by what feeds the house to wire size and they will only put the meter in that the wire can handle and if your over loaded when you turn things on things will dim and flicker

Pictures would help.