$2.49 a gallon

I was shocked this morning, $2.49 a gallon for unleaded.

$2.73 here.

Ok I have to step in on this one lol :). This is exactly what the big wigs wanted. Remember when we thought $2.49 was sickening? Then it got to the point of were people couldn’t breath with $4 a gallon. Now it’s back down to where all the hipe started and now we think someone is doing us a favor. I’m no expert however IMO execs are still laughing all the way to the bank. Gas is still high even at $2.49.

I was figuring it was going to drop before the elections, but I didn’t expect it to be below $2.50

Bill, I understand the Exec BS behind it, but I was still suprised to see it drop almost $.10 per gallon in 2 days.

Someone said in church this morning:

"Just got some bad new about my retirement funds in the mail this week and I imagine you did too. Most of what the politicians are telling us belongs in the landfil and we are supposed think they’re practically giving gas away now that it has dropped below $3.00.

I have heard more good news in the last 30 minutes than I have all week" :smiley:

Then a passage in Lamenttions was read on the mercies of God being new every morning and how great is His faithfulness.

Let’s all put things in perspective.:smiley:

Don’t get me wrong. I’m not complaining about the sudden drops. However if we don’t stop as a nation acting like we just entered the candy store the sudden drops will soon come to a halt and the big wigs will eventually start raising prices again.

I hope that spreads up here. Ours is dropping but we’re still at $3.39.

Bill, I have no question that will happen. I will just enjoy it while they are down are we are not getting screwed quite as bad.

Me and you both. As of last night we was at $3.13.,,&Unit=US%20$/G

$3.46 here this morning :frowning: !!!

I talked with a fuel supplier in Mobile and he told me this was coming, he said there are Tankers offshore who cannot unload because there is no room for the crude.

WOW…I have not been on the road today, but yesterday it was $3.29 at the cheapest chain stations in Phoenix, “Quick Stop”

I hope its down today!!!

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7:43 PM

Why is everyone so excited?

We’re all going to the poor house but we get to drive there on cheaper gas. :wink:

We are in the $3.15 to $3.20 range today



I paid 3.02 this morning.

That’s how much more it cost to truck it from EastPort, Maine to your place Gerry. :):mrgreen::wink:

I’ll pay the premium to be pumping the stuff in shorts and flip flops :mrgreen: