2 Customized RecallChek and/or 90-Day Warranty videos. $300 value. First 2 win.

First two to reply win! A $300 value!

Customized RecallChek and/or 90-Day Warranty video (it can have either one or both!)

Check it out here -> https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gyZrW65569k

Merry Christmas from P. Diddy. www.NathanThornberry.com

Contact P. Nathan direct to arrange: nathan@nathanthornberry.com

Jim Coleman
Edmond, OK

Please ship to:
Jim Coleman
12801 Fox Hole Rd
Edmond, OK 73034

Thanks, Merry Christmas!!

Dan Levia
Red Deer

Cameron Anderson
Peoria, IL

I love InterNACHI!

Doug Pennell
Napanee, Ontario, Canada
K7R 3L1

Martin Karl
Staunton, IL

Troy Weiland
Marshfield, WI

Thanks and Merry Christmas!

Jim Horton
Kokomo, IN

Chris Walsh
Bracebridge, Ontario.

Ron Cleland
Hutchinson, MN.

Nathan, I should get this because it is Christmas and I am big like Santa…lol

Ya…me too, Nathan ! :mrgreen:

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I’ll send you a couple pair of “clean” undies !!

what they said Nate

winner … winner