2-Day Commercial Inspection Course

Join us July 24th & 25th for a fabulous two-day commercial seminar.

We all know that commercial clients are far less troublesome than residential ones and that commercial inspections generate far greater incomes. Don’t doubt this, and don’t miss out on this opportunity to learn first-hand from a paramount inspector, InterNACHI’s Education Director Gerry Beaumont, who has given sold-out seminars to inspectors across the United States and Canada. He is not only a master of his craft but a pleasure to listen to and learn from. We are lucky indeed to have him at this, CalNACHI’s inaugral seminar. Come and learn from him and have fun with us at the luxurious Marriot Hotel, across from the Burbank/Bob Hope Airport.

The cost which covers 2-days courses and refreshments is:
$295.00 for CalNACHI & InterNACHI members
$350.00 for non-members

We also have some great specials, and give-away surprises at the event.

Check out the details: http://www.calnachi.org/id105.html

Hi to all,

This event is going to be something else, Keith and I have been wanting to do this for a very long time.

Please see the attched course outline or check out the details on the CaliNACHI site here: http://www.calnachi.org/id105.html

The cost of this course is too cheap concidering the cost of venues and travel in and to California, but CALNACHI is dedicated to bringing some good training to the west coast.

I look forward to seeing many “left coast” friends there.



Just had some great news from Nick for all InterNACHI members who attend http://www.calnachi.org/

I plan on going at least on Thursday. I hope to see you guys there :slight_smile:

Thats great Dominic, I look forward to meeting you and the other guys.


You’re still near a computer? I would have figured you were on the road for your 3000 mile journey! Lol, when do you leave?

Tomorrow, we’ve both got heavy right feet so 4 days is more than enough, plus we’ll be doing some sight seeing (especially on the way back). Actually we are ONLY 2500 miles away LOL



Ahh TWO people driving, that makes more sense, you can go in shifts. I figured you were coming alone! That will be an awesome trip. Make sure to stop by and visit all your NACHI inspector buddies for dinner each night :smiley:

CalNACHI’s commercial seminar turned out to be a wonderful experience, thanks to Gerry and the inspectors who attended. Gerry has earned his reputation as a premier instructor and also happens to be a very entertaining speaker.=D>

Read more: http://www.calnachimessageboard.com/showthread.php?t=70

I’m truly sorry I missed the seminar, but it was great meeting up with both of you for lunch.

Next time I’ll try to adjust my vacation schedule :mrgreen:

The seminar was great! You missed out Jeff. Gerry, Keith, thanks again!

Thanks all,

The class went very well and it was a real pleasure to meet some very smart California inspectors, I’m currently visiting the Grand Canyon, so I’ll post more about the class when I get home.



Thanks Gerry!