2-day educational event in London, Ontario on July 19-20, 2008.


How can you certify anyone after they take a less than 8 hour course? More bull foisted on the naive!

Come to the classes and see for yourself.


Hey William when are you going to pay Roy the money you owe him?

Where’s the money honey?



Vancouver, BC is nice in the Fall :wink:

I want to thank Joe Farsetta for travelling thousands of miles to teach the Commercial and Water Sampling Courses in London last weekend. As usual with his classes, the attendees were treated to solid, in-depth information taught in Joe’s unorthodox but effective manner.

It was a pleasure working with Joe on this and it proves that two very different organizations can work well together for the benefit of our industry.

Hats off to Joe and my personal thanks. I also want to thank the people who took the classes, for without you none of this would have succeeded.

Bill Mullen
Sarnia, Ontario

How many people turned out Bill?

I believe the count was about 26 and both associations were well represented.

Bill Mullen