2 Day Infrared Class in south Florida on Feb 11-12

2 Day Infrared Class in south Florida on Feb 11-12.

Price $299 plus you get $100 off your InterNACHI renewal fee.
Seating is limited. Good for 16 hours CE in Florida.

3 people just signed up for the IR class in south Florida. Seating is limited.

John, there is an error message when I click the link.

The link goes to a facebook page created by Inspector brotherhood. It works for me. You might log-in to facebook first and see if that helps.

Use this link instead.

That way you do not have to login to facebook.
I corrected the first post so it has the right link now.


The Florida class is filling up. This class will sell out.

The IR CLASS in South Florida is SOLD OUT …but I got permission to squeeze in a few more. 3 seats are all that is left.

If your going to do it, do it now.

is there a group rate discount when booking the hotel room?

No… most inspectors are driving in for the IR class and a small number at staying at the hotel.

**S o l d - O u t

We just made arrangements for more space in our IR class in south FL. Enroll now!!!


IR Class photo… we had about 30 people.