2 Day IR Class Coming To San Francisco, CA on Dec 3-4, 2009

Pembroke Instruments sponsoring InterNACHI’s
Infrared Certified 2-day course.

2 Day Infrared Certified Class Coming To San Francisco, CA on Dec 3-4, 2009


Sponsors & Endorses
**Our Infrared Class **



Will this class count towards the requirements to get the infrared certified?

ditto…and whats the cost?

Yes… this is the offical InterNACHI INFRARED CERTIFIED class.

Pembroke has set the cost at $750. All payments go through them.

Everyone who takes the class will also get a $100 off their interNACHI renewal.

Is the Irisys a good deal??? any one?[FONT=Calibri][size=5]

I thought they were sponsoring it…

They are paying for the meeting room and promoting the class
via their network… so yes, they are sponsoring the class (but
the class is not free).


We are offering the 4010, which is a 160X120 camera meeting proposed RESNET standards and the total course for $3999, so the camera is sold with this course effectively for $3999 - $750 = $3249.

I will extend this package offer to people who buy the camera within 3 months after taking the course. So you can pay $750 for the course and three months later pay $3249 for the 4010.

If you have any further questions please contact me at sales@pembrokeinstruments.com

Thanks for the info Leslie.