2-day Radon Course at Greater Philadelphia Chapter of InterNACHI in PA on Feb 23-24.



We still need a few more people to sign up for this course within the next couple of days. ESA is requiring that we have a list of people that are signed up for the class 2 weeks ahead of time so they can order the NEHA exams. If you have been thinking of taking this course, sign up now and reserve your spot.

Time is running out…
Get your reservation in to Scott right away.

How many more do you need and what is the fee. If it is necessary to keep the class on… I can buy a few empty seats.

Thanks Nick,

Scott is running the head count. He may be 2-3 shy of a minimum.

Give him a call in the morning if he does not post here as I believe the ESA deadline is tomorrow…

Thanks Nick !

I was able to sweet talk the marketing girl that I am dealing with for this class into giving us a few more days for a deadline. The class will still go on from what she is telling me. I provided the hotel meeting room and the test proctor, so all ESA is providing is the instructor and his/her accomidations. However, I still need anyone that is thinking of taking the class to sign up as soon as possible. The issue is that NEHA requires a couple weeks notice as to how many tests to send to ESA. Bernie Katz told me that ESA will get fined $500 for last minute test requests.

Anyone still sitting on the fence about taking this class for either their initial certification or continuing education requirements should sign up ASAP. ESA will be placing the final order for the NEHA tests this week. If you sign up at the last minute, there is a chance there will not be a test available for you to take.

If you do not take the test here (in Philadelphia), your option is Harrisburg or Pittsburgh on alternating Months.