2 electricians 1 main panel question?

2 electricians are both installing wiring from a indoor load center. One electrician is utilizing EMT the other is using NM Cable.
They begin installing the wiring in opposite direction of each other.
They each install 3 yards of wiring.
They both make a 90 degree bend to their left and install another 4 yards of wiring.
They both terminate their respective conductors at a junction box.
How many feet apart are the junction boxes?

Thirty feet. Easy

  1. They terminated their circuit cables at same junction box. “They both terminate their respective conductors at a junction box.”

Yeah, I know noone wanted to answer my other question :roll_eyes:

@ryoung7 I knew someone was going to think 0 but I left it as is. It wasn’t a trick question. No it’s 30. But I’ll accept it due to my poor wording. LOL

Let’s see the answer calculation.

3²+4²=5² + 3²+4²=5²
5 yards + 5 yards = 10 yards
10 yards = 30 feet
Sorry for the expression

2 right triangles :small_red_triangle:
Calculate for hypotenuse.
Add together
Pythagorean Theorem
It’s an oldie question :thinking:

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Where is the panel in that diagram? To go in the opposite direction of each other wouldn’t you need to come out of the top and bottom or the two sides of the panel?

30’-5" Robert beat me to it.

Yep one is out the top the other the bottom.

Or just one side of panel.
I did think of that then was just going to delete it. If I was to specify a panel then I might of made it harder.

So what is the answer to this one?

Bob got it. 30 feet

You guys, I knew you guys would do that. I was just baiting so someone would read it.

I’ll learn

Just thought of another. What if one went up the other down 3 yards. Then they could also be 18 feet apart. Not a well thought out question :confused:

I hit the wrong button and came up with the valley/hip length of 30’-5". LOL

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Didn’t think of using a calculator. Guess that would be the same as rise and run

Yep, I still have my Construction Master 5. :grinning:

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I watch people use the calculators and I am just like what they have a button. I’ve been doing it on a board or paper.
I am not a carpenter LOL

I used to do it on paper, but that was a long time ago. ha. ha.

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