2 Firsts for Me Today

Thought I would share these two items - both were first time sightings for me and I have been at this for 9 years.

A vintage 1930s fuse panel and a 1930s electric plate warmer - did not try to see if it worked.


Nice, ty for sharing. It’s cool.

About 5 years ago my wife and I bought a house built in 1911, it had 60amp service with 6 or 8 of those fuses for 2400 sq ft. Red squirrels chewed on the wooden box they were housed in.

First thing we updated.

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Curious on what you reported .

Thanks for sharing, Alan.
Panel Manufacturer?

The switches in conjunction with the fuses is interesting. Never saw that before or an electric plate warmer for that matter.

Is the box fire proof?

Couldn’t get The Cover Off - but you could bet I wanted to see what was inside that thing.