2 Flat Inspection in Chicago

:wink: I received an email from a friend whom may have a client, looking to have a 2 Flat in Chicago inspected. I have never done a 2 flat, I don’t think it would be a big deal.

Though I have done some distant traveling for house inspections, but Chicago is a little farther then I would prefer to go right now. I know I should be picky in these times.


Thought I would pass along to someone in or near town.
If you’re interested email me and I will pass along your name to my friend.

Hi Thomas
You can contact me if you wish.

I am available as well.

I’m available for this type of inspection also.

I’ll pass your info along…Robert, Andrew,Dennis.
Keep in touch if everything works out for you.

Thanks Thomas.
I had someone price checking for a 2 flat on the south side and wonder if that was them.
REO on a Greystone.

My Number is 773-410-2896 (Bob Elliott) and I do these all the time.

Hey Robert, I sent off your contact after your inquiry you mentioned above. I left it in my friends court now. Unsure of the urgency in the inspection.
Good luck.

Last minute seems to be the norm.
If available I would be happy to have you join in.

Looking for a local Inspector…

Check out members of NACHI,
the only place that makes sense.

Thanks for chiming in guys.

Chicago is only 4 hours away, Heck im in… put my name in the hat :slight_smile:

I am joking, just to be clear

Ok! Michael you’re in.

Got ya, Michael.:cool:

You’re out! :eek: