2 Hour Firewall

Here’s a helpful reminder to look at those fire-rated walls between multi-unit dwellings. Commonly referred here as party walls. There have some recent apartment fires in the Atlanta. One news channel reported that there were no fire-walls in place on one such property where several units burned.

Happy Inspecting.

JDavis Inspection 012.jpg

JDavis Inspection 012.jpg

Hank…it is rare to find those labels.

I’m sometimes amazed what cable installers do to firewalls. Smash out a hole to crawl through…seen that!..:shock:

Yeah, it really cuts down on my inspection time rather than going from door to door and up and down. LOL

Good one Hank…One could even charge less for firewalls missing or with large gaps present.

I found that one can cut even more time off the inspection by offering drive-by and fly-by inspections. Clients love those. “Choices, choices, choices,” is what I say. :smiley: