2 pounds of pleasure! InterNACHI releases its biggest book ever.

312 pages.


Send me one if you want an unbiased honest review :slight_smile:

You know you will get just what I promise :slight_smile:

Well hurry and send in the 29 then so you can do it.

Sounds good I can’t wait. :slight_smile:

You will receive what I promise as always :slight_smile:

Ask Nate or Nick I always do as I say…ALWAYS.

I do not need it I am just offering to help as I always do. To give the opinion of a true professional unbiased and not concerned with what folks think.

Some may find that type of honesty PRICELESS. Some may not. Just offering to help as always.

Michael, I’ll ship the new book tomorrow.

I will read it front to back and give you an honest and accurate review. That I promise you.

I am currently seeking a different trade but I do feel that my opinions and honesty are worthy the price of shipping and believe it or not I enjoy giving my opinion on things. most here know that already :slight_smile:

Thanks for the opertunity to share my opinions I truly enjoy doing it :slight_smile: and extend the offer to anyone who wishes me to review any product they have.

Will this be an open review for all to read?

Just start flipping.
Thats where the money is.

Have clients buying cheap and renting out for a profit .

As alwaYS :slight_smile: just my opinion and nothing more. I try to do as thorough as a job as possible because I enjoy sharing my opinion :slight_smile:


I do not have the cash to flip. I believe the only safe way is to do it without going into debt.

Damn Dave Ramsey… Got me thinking correctly I believe.

If I had the cash to do it outright without borrowing I would be doing it now.

Got it.

OHHHH MY thats a thick book. I promise to read some EVERY day. It will take a while but I will get it done and give my honest and accurate review when finished. Thanks for the opportunity :slight_smile:

Thanks for commenting on it Mike.

312 pages. Lots of info.

We’ve already sold more than 1/2 of them, so we’ll likely put out a new edition the first of the year. If we use any of your tips, we’ll include you as a contributor inside the front cover.

How are those autographs coming along? :wink:

I must say the title really got me wanting to start reading last night. The part to get really, really rich sure grabs ones attention. I could not sleep anyway and I figured all the ideas would really keep my mind racing. I did start this morning and it is a going well. I’ll be consulting in Orlando for a couple of days this upcoming week and likely get in a bunch of reading time after hours as I’ll be all alone.

It’s a big book. Maybe too big.

Well just a little update for you all so you know I am keeping my word. I am about to page 100. Not to bad for a guy with very limited free time.

So far I must say:

If you are thinking about being an inspector…BUY THIS BOOK.
If your are an inspector… buy this book

I wish I had read it before I did everything I have done in the business so far.

Those who come from other careers likely do not have any idea as I did not of THE RIGHT WAY to do things. So far I do not think I disagree with anything I have read.

It explains things that some people think they know but may have it just a little off. If you take the time to read everything even though you think you know all about whatever the section is about I bet you learn something new or find out you could have done something different and more importantly better.

Reading this book as step one of becoming an inspector would benefit anyone who does greatly. Why reinvent the wheel. The info in the book is tried and true. Learn from the experiences of thousands instead of trying to do it all from your own mind.

I especially wish I had known all I learned in the web page sections BEFORE I made even my advertisement wind mit special page.

If I continue in this business I will definitely eventually redo all my sites using most of what Nick talks about. I do OK with my websites but I learned it all on my own through trial and error and that cost time and money.

Thats all for today as I am in my child’s Aikido Halloween class. Time to put down the computer and pick up a book. I can tell you that does not happen here often with free internet access. Anyone want to guess what book it will be?

The book is a very easy read in good big clear print and you end up wanting to read when you get the chance just to find out what the next pages will hold.

Thanks mike

Anytime :slight_smile:

As you all know I cannot hardley keep from sharing my opinion and when someone sends me something and asks for it and I get to learn a ton then thats just the icing on the cake :slight_smile:

I’ll gladly Try, review or check out anything for anyone, anytime and give it 100% OF MY ATTENTION AND THE BEST MOST HONEST REVIEW i CAN GIVE.

Maybe I should get someone to send me a typing class program to review so I can type without looking at the keyboard and stop having to apologize for all caps all the time :wink: