2 Questions on New Construction

Two areas for input on a new construction inspection: 1) Around the window lintels I don’t discern any flashing and are these really weep holes? 2) I have seen a small expansion gap around concrete garage slab, but this seems to be to be settlement. There is also a exterior faucet in the garage. Please, your input on both or either.

Looks more like holes caused by line pins, MAT-11735 than weep holes. The weep holes should be located above the opening with no less than two in a four-foot opening.
You should also see a 1/4" or more of the flashing above the lintel.
What is wrong with a spigot in the garage?

The gap in the garage floor is caused by shrinkage and also should have had an expansion joint material there for any expansion.

Thank you for the input. I apologize for the miscommunication. I did not mean to imply that there was anything wrong with a spigot in the garage. My thinking was an easy way for water to make the crack expand over time. with control joints.

Also, any concern about the line tie holes with moisture over time?

Those form tie holes are always susceptible to water intrusion from the outside when they have not been properly patched and damp proofed or water proofed on the outside of the foundation prior to back fill.
You can usually tell if they were patched with hydraulic cement or mortar on the outside on the top foot of the exposed foundation. There should be a tie rod hole at 6" from the top of the wall.

Ideally with a spigot in the garage, the perimeter of the slab should get caulked so when spillage or watering and washing the garage floor not too much water will go down that crack and eventually create a settlement problem down the road.
It is not a defect, but a recommendation.

Yes, that was my thinking in mentioning the spigot in the garage with the settlement. And the line tie holes. Thank you all so much. It’s great to get confirmation or bounce something off someone else. Thank you so much!!!

I mistook your question to the other foundation thread you had. Sorry about that.

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