2 Real Estate agents say

Had two good inspections with new and old Agent. all in one week.
Old inspector said “alot of homes are not selling and ones that are, are going without a HI inspection.”
New Agent makes comment during my inspection. “I will never recommend a sale of a home without certified inspector”
Why the change?
This was his fathers home who is a "liscenced Professional Contractor and according to his father had very few problems.
The report was 90+ pictures of the repairs or replace.
No more than 20 years old with a new roof installed.
I found this out after the inspection was done.
Do you think I would have changed the way I did the inspection?
No way it just confirmed to me that “Mike Holmes” has no business recommending a contract school here for HI. He has also created a lack of trust with good inspectors.
Working for the good of community, not in this town.:shock: