2 Separate Inspections No Flashing

Both of these homes had rear additions with no flashing at the wall connection. Seems to be a common issue.

mt laurel 125.jpg

mt laurel 128.jpg

mt laurel 127.jpg

LYTHAM 061.jpg

LYTHAM 068.jpg

LYTHAM 061.jpg

Looks like you have a bullet hole in that last picture.

Roofing tar - the cure all for the roofing industry

Roofing tar and caulk, isn’t that the same as bailing wire and duct tape

Who needs flashing when you’ve got a bucket of roofing tar?

The brick home originally sold for $900,000! The other home shown is “only” in the $500,000 range. Does not seem to matter what you pay, still get bad construction techniques.

Nah, bailing wire and duct tape are higher tech :shock: