2 year warranty on flir

Just to let everyone know.
FLIR now offers an additional year on their warranty. The first year comes with the camera straight up and the second comes when you register the camera.
They offer it this way to give better support since they just started selling cameras through distribution channels in September. Everything prior to that was sold directly through FLIR.
Also for those who don’t know, you go to http://flir.custhelp.com/app/homeand register your camera. There are manuals, success an application stories, software upgrades, etc…

Have yourselves a Thermal Day!
OJ Utter


Your link is not working.

Sorry for got the space before the and http://flir.custhelp.com/app/home


Also wanted to clarify that the 2 year warranty in on new camera purchases. I usually do a QA check when I get cameras in and just started noticing the special card inside the cases.


I don’t see anything about the 2 year warranty.

There is a card that comes in the case of new cameras for the extension if you register it within 30 days of purchase.

OJ Utter

That is good news!!