Hummmm whats Nicks 20,000 post going to be??? any guesses?

Lifetime membership to InterNACHI? :shock:

I don’t know but at this rate, I don’t think it will be tonight, LOL! Sorry must be the mead talking. Hey Merry Christmas, and Happy new year to everybody! May the new year keep you busy inspecting!

Mead!?! Have not had that in years. Just enjoying a homebrew here myself. :cyclops:

its only 3pm out here on the left coast…only has 29 more to go…

I just got into brewing mead. I love it! It is sooooooo cheap! The one I’m having tonight is a Grape Mead, and we have an Orange Spice on the way. Let me tell ya, this Grape Mead has quite the kick! Yehaaaaaa!:cool:

gotta brew irish red

Larry Michael
Reidsville, NC

Send details, Please!