20 yr Inspector moving to Florida from Long Island New York. biggest adjustments?

Hello, I am 20 yr Inspector ASHI, Internachi member moving to Florida from Long Island, So, any transplants from New York / north East here?
whats biggest adjustment? ( other than its Hot!) Not sure exactly where except for the east coast, possibly Jacksonville or Coco Beach area… I have started my research glad to see ill be able to do my WDI again with out becoming and assessor…
Thanks in advance

It will be a lot easier here; not many of the following:
Gas / oil furnaces
Gas water heaters (at least in most areas)
Older homes
Here; they just build a basement, slap a roof on it and don’t even put’em in the ground(lol).
You’ll need to adjust to heat pumps vs gas furnaces.
A lot more swimming pools.
No need to worry about truss uplift.
You’ll need to learn about Wind Mitigation if you’re not familiar with it.

Other than the 150 or so miles of distance, those are wildly different markets & areas.

Don’t do it! Yep!
We got poisonous snakes and spiders… And if that ain’t enough we got hurricanes and very high taxes…
Not to mention horrendous hot weather with the humidity at above %90 .
We already have a glut of flippin’ yankees here already .
No! Take it from a native … Move to Arizona.
They like you guys out there bunches better …:smile:

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I’m coming, too, YEP! We’ll come visit you! Yep! :smirk:

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No ! Please!