200 amp panel feeding 110 amp

I think what Simon is getting at is your use (or in this case misuse) of the word “service”. The garage panel is not the service, the 200 amp panel on the exterior of the structure where is service disconnect is located is the service. This is an area where a slight misuse of a word in a report can dramatically change what is actually installed in the house.

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Well said Robert.

Yep. There’s only one piece of service equipment at that house and it’s configured for 200 amps. The distribution panel on the interior is configured for 110 amps.


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Just curious as to why would someone would need mention anything other than the garage panel is 110 amps? Would you note every sub-panel in that way? For example what it the garage panel were 60 amps would you note it saying it’s less than the minimum required for a single family dwelling?

The way I see it is that this is a 200 amp service with a 110 amp garage sub-panel, there is not much more to report than that.

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As the OP wrote, and Larry explained, it appears to be a 200 Amp “service”. However the maximum current draw available with this configuration would only be the size of the exterior OCPD. “Technically” there is nothing wrong with the configuration as we see it and explained to us with the only is…

You will have to better phrase your question for it to be understood. Before you do carefully read my responses and you might then understand the answers.

Service is 200A

Subpanel: is protected at 110A

Thats what i would report.

The more you try to explain equals more opportunity to be wrong or misleading. Unless of course you are an electrician, and a good one at that.

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How hard can it be :smiley:

PS: yes i know, it’s mostly telco/network stuff

It is a 200 Ampere Service. That’s what the “200” on the breaker means. Nothing more needs to be said.

I certainly hope you are not inferring that the main OCPD in an electrical panel defines the system capability? I have seen plenty of replacements on older homes with 60 Amp service from the electric provider that were equipped with panels equipped with a 200 Amp OCPD as their main. Obviously that would be incorrect and something that an Inspector should never ass-u-me!

I certainly hope that you are not as stupid as your post makes you appear to be. Go back and look at the original post.

You seem to be projecting your faults on others these days. Your answer is very surprising for someone who claims to be a former electrician. I do not need to read the OP’s post and you quoted my post and not the OP’s post. Your post displays significant ignorance in itself or at the least poor writing skills. You should closely read my post if you have the comprehension skills to do so.