200 Amp Panel

200 Amp Panel / 8 year old home…Did not reinstall the screws…

I now carry a couple flat ones just for this so I can at least re-attach the dead front…cost peanuts but seems to make the client happy, homeowners ask for my card after this too.


What is the watt meter being used for?

Could not fully determine. Deficient install noted.

What’s defficient about the install of the watt meter?

The coiled comm wire?

not the watt meter. The wiring and breakers above…

I misunderstood Joe.:slight_smile:

Many multiple taps.

Was that the service panel or the distribution panel - the grounds and neutrals are on the same bar

It is the only panel. While not pictured, the Main Breaker is present above (out of view of the photo).

That is what happens when you put that many piggyback breakers in a panel, you run out of neutral lugs. They need both supplimental grounding busses and move the grounding wires off the neutral bars.
Don’t put neutral wires on the grounding busses. It puts circuit current on the main bonding jumper.


On primary panels I always see grounds and neutrals on the same bar. They are bonded at the panel, so what’s the difference? Manufacturer and NEC says okay in primary panel.

I do agree that they quickly run out of neutral lugs, though. AHJ looks the other way around here when it comes to double-lugged neutral conductors. Have for years.

Is that “hot” black conductor knicked/damaged from the screw in pic #2?

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Joe, the neutral bar can have grounding wires on it and supplimental neutral busses, connected with internal bus bars or directly bolted to the neutral bus (where the service neutral connects) are OK for neutral wires too.
The thing you can’t do is install neutral wires to a supplimental grounding bus that is just bolted to the service enclosure. That will put circuit current through the enclosure and use the main bonding jumper (green screw or strap) as a current carrying conductor. That is a 250.6 violation.
Personally I like to loop a #4 solid through all supplimental grounding busses while the panel is being built and land it on the neutral bus or the bus where the EGC connects on a sub panel but that may just be me.