$200 Tablet PC!

Guys, I’ve been using a Toshiba Portege 3500 tablet for nearly a couple years now, & it works great to be able to simply tap a lot of things into the report (a perfect marriage with Home Inspector Pro software). At the time, I paid about $400 for a refurbished one on eBay, + shipping.

I’ve kept an eye out for another to keep as a backup; the standard price is still around $400. (Most of you have heard that I keep a backup stash of cameras by picking them up at pawn shops; my only requirements are 3MP, AA batteries, SD card, and less than $30).

So, there are some 3500 & 3505’s on ebay now for less than $300 (using Buy It Now) and others that are going for way less. I picked my spare up yesterday for $230, including shipping. Be sure to search for spellings and mis-spellings, to get all. In other words, do combinations of :
Toshiba - Portege - Protege - 3500 - 3505.
Granted, it did not have the Tablet OS, but I can clone that from my existing one.
If you get one, and need the OS, let me know, we can help each other out, I’m sure!

Here’s a neat link for eBay mis-spellings, http://typobay.com/