2006 Irc

Hot off the press and available for download :smiley:


What membership category do we fit in, in order to become members?

That is for ICC members, I believe. Anyone can join, it just costs $ - go to the ICC website.


That would be Professional. Once you are certified then you would go under that classification.

When joining for the first time you get one book with your initial membership. I would recommend getting the loose leaf. Be sure to order your tabs at the same time.

For your free publication, the loose leaf and tabs version is best, I agree Greg. There’s no comparison, however, to the download versions (I have several from the IRC, UBC and CBC). Full search capability. Just type in a word(s) or section number.

Hi Jeff,

I agree about the download. I was just passing on the info of a free one for those that didn’t know.

Hey Jeff,

Do you also purchase and or carry a hard copy or just the download version. Does the $45.00 charge include the entire 2006 IRC?


Anyway to get an electronic copy anywhere else without having to pay $150 to join a club?

sorry Joe you lost me there

I mean do I **have **to join the ICC in order to get the electronic copy (the download version)? I know I can buy the hard copy at bookstores (later on). I would really like the download for search capability however. Is there anywhere else to buy it (the download version) without having to pay $150.00 to join the ICC?

2006 International Residential Code®The 2006 International Residential Code® is a comprehensive code for homebuilding that brings together all building, plumbing, mechanical and electrical provisions for one- and two-family residences.
Select a Product Type: eCodes Download To receive this price you must log-in as a member. If you are not a member and would like to become one, click here.System Requirements:Adobe Acrobat will be required to view PDF downloads. Member Price:$43.50Non Member Price:$54.50

NOW I get it. It was this phrase that threw me off “To receive this price you must log-in as a member”.

I understand now. Thanks.

I used to get the hard copies as well, but not any more - no need. I can look up references faster and with less information.

The entire IRC is included - even the cover picture. The '06 IRC even allows you to “mark-up” the pages, leave notes or free hand draw.

I,m a certifed residential inspector and member of the ICC.Testing re-certifications on the 2006 codes will not start until summer of 07.