2006 NACHI Canadian Member of the Year

Everyone is invited to join me in Honoring NACHI’s 2006 Canadian Member of the Year (Mr. Roy Cooke, Sr.) on the evening of 18 May 2007 at the NACHI Convention in Toronto. We will assemble - have dinner, honor Roy and then make the presentation. (You buy your own dinner - sorry)…

Anyways, we need a best guessimate to arrange the room, dinner, etc. If you would be interested in joining us, please respond to this post.



Dang Roy,

Looks like just you, me and Char. See you then.

John B.

I would think that the convention would be the best time to publicly recognize this award. You are guaranteed a much larger crowd.

I’m in John!!!

With pleasure BTW

I’d be pleased to attend.

Thanks John.

Make sure we have no sea food (VERY ALLERGIC) and I will be at the table for sure.:smiley:

How do you feel about fish fried in Peanut Oil? :wink:

That I can eat.:o

Absolutely John.

It will be great to meet and tallk with old friends and members I haven’t met yet.

Can someone find us a nice place to eat, drink, and be merry.


Where are you staying? Down in the City or out by the Airport?

I understand that NACHI has reserved my room at the Holiday Inn Airport


There is a good restuarant not far from the Airport called Zorro’s. Really good food and service. I would be happy to pick you up at the hotel.

Others may have suggestions too.

Another good place not far from the airport is called the Million Dollar Salloon. :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter to me. Let Roy and Char choose.

Any Hooters??

O, Paul…-X It is supposed to be a black tie event.

Congrats Roy! Your well deserving of the honour. Cheers! Doug

Anything for dinner is fine with me, I’m only alergic to one thing, EX WIVES. Well I guess that would be two things counting both. They tend to bring on a heck of a rash on my A**

Go to the Million Dollar Salloon, you’ll see all the hooters you want.:smiley: :smiley: